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Category: Architecture, Interior | Residential

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Site area: 2100 sqft
Built-Up Area: 3500 

Year of Completion: 2023

Project Code: MB100
Photography Credits: 
Studio BluOra


Prepare to enter a realm where design embraces the continuity of life’s journey, where spaces unfold as chapters in an ever-evolving story. Welcome to Continuum : where design is time’s eternal companion, and spaces are narratives of lifelong journey. It is envisioned as an architecture and interior design project by Studio Timescape. This project redefines the art of living by seamlessly integrating personal narratives, history, traditions, and beliefs into bespoke spaces that stand as living testaments to the enduring threads of our clients’ lives.


In the heart of “Continuum” lies an unwavering commitment to weaving the lifelines of our clients into every corner of their living spaces. We go beyond aesthetics and delve into the layers of their personal stories, traditions, and experiences. This allows us to create environments that aren’t just beautiful but resonate with a deep sense of belonging and familiarity. Our design journey involved a deep exploration of diverse family dynamics, an intimate understanding of how users perceive time and space, and a keen focus on the harmonious confluence of each individual’s aspirations, interests, and values within the context of a family unit.


The parents’ bedroom within “Continuum” embodies a vision of clean, contemporary elegance, meticulously designed to fulfil the specific needs of individuals aged 45 to 60. This space is a masterful example of form meeting function, ensuring that every element serves a purpose without intruding upon the room’s serenity. One of the room’s standout features is the discreet presence of two hidden doors that lead to an open utility space. This clever design choice maintains the bedroom’s sleek and uncluttered aesthetic while providing essential behind-the-scenes functionality. Within this well-organized bedroom, various zones are thoughtfully delineated to facilitate a range of tasks.


The dining area in “Continuum” was thoughtfully integrated with the informal living space to honor our clients’ cherished family rituals. Here, every morning unfolds as a tea-time gathering, a cherished moment for family members of all generations to come together, share stories, and create lasting memories. This space serves as the nexus of the entire project, connecting all the primary zones of the project, and enhancing accessibility and convenience. The design of this area focuses on versatility, offering an expandable sitting area that seamlessly integrates with the dining space, fostering an open-plan layout conducive to connectivity and conversation. A key design element is the strategically placed window that connects the dining area with the kitchen, ensuring those in the kitchen are never too far from the dining table, fostering interaction and unity.

The kitchen in “Continuum” is a striking canvas of pristine white, accentuated by warm wooden ceramic tiles underfoot. Beyond its clean aesthetics, this space resonates with excitement and emotion. From countertops to cabinets and Dadoing, it strikes a delicate balance between the purity of white and the inviting charm of pine wood. The geometric pattern on the dado adds depth and intrigue, creating a captivating focal point.


Upon entering the first floor, your attention is drawn to the Pooja room, gracefully positioned right in front of the staircase. Adorned with beautiful fluted doors, it adds a touch of spiritual serenity to the space, offering a tranquil sanctuary for contemplation and devotion. Low seating arrangement in the family room is a deliberate choice, lightening the space and making it more flexible and usable. This design approach fosters an inviting and relaxed ambiance, ensuring that this room is not just a place for activities but a true haven for family interaction and togetherness. The family room embodies the project’s commitment to seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary living. It’s a space where the past and present merge harmoniously, where interactions are cherished, and where family bonds are nurtured within a backdrop of timeless elegance and inviting warmth.


In response to our client’s clear vision, the son’s bedroom was meticulously crafted to embody the essence of a den—a space that exudes coziness, softness, and embracing warmth. This room caters to the night owl in search of nocturnal comfort. Clean lines and a simple material palette define the room’s design. Dark grey grooves grace the wall behind the bed, creating a dramatic backdrop, while Cairo walnut finishing adds an element of richness and depth. The choice of wooden ceramic tiles for the flooring further enhances the room’s warmth and texture.

Contrasting the room’s overall dark theme, bedside lamps cast a soft and inviting glow. These lamps not only provide functional lighting but also transform the space into a wonderland of exploration and curiosity during nighttime hours. Sheer curtains add a delicate balance to the room, filtering natural light during the day while preserving the room’s cozy ambiance at night. 


Grandmother’s bedroom within “Continuum” is not just a space for rest but a dedicated haven designed to nurture her love for reading and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Every facet of this space is thoughtfully arranged to cater to her daily routines and overall well-being. The room’s muted color palette creates a tranquil atmosphere, setting the stage for relaxation and contemplation. A geometric wallpaper, which adds a soft and inviting texture to the walls, imbues the space with a sense of warmth and comfort, creating a welcoming environment and also serves as a subtle backdrop to her literary adventures. An inviting ottoman stands as a symbol of comfort and accessibility, strategically placed to encourage interaction with the outdoors and promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s a gentle reminder of the beauty of nature and the importance of daily habits.


The daughter’s bedroom is a unique space characterized by its playful and curvaceous design. Despite being the smallest room and lacking direct natural ventilation, this room maximizes its potential with an emphasis on soft edges and a thoughtful layout. Every element in the room incorporates curves, creating a gentle and inviting atmosphere. The space is intelligently utilized to include a study area, a wardrobe, and a walk-in dressing area that leads to the washroom.

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