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The Red Plinth

Category: Interior | Residential | Conceptual Design Proposal

Location: Arravali Range, Rajasthan

Site area: 4900 sqft
Built-Up Area: 2300 sqft

Year of Completion: Conceptual Design

Project Code: 01TRP

Red Plinth is a conceptual design project that is situated in the scenic Aravalli Range. The main aim of this project is to create a space that provides the user with a sense of relaxation and comfort. The red plaster finish used in the construction of the building serves as a seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces, with stunning transitions that blur the boundaries between them. The walls and ceiling are strategically placed to create a grid-like composition, which creates pockets of landscape and primary and secondary spaces.

03082022_3 - Photo.jpg
Lumion 10 Pro 正版授权_9 - Photo.jpg

The central courtyard created in steps is an essential element of the design, as it connects the private and common areas seamlessly with the intermediate dining and kitchen zone. The screening elements of the design play with light and shadow, adding a transformative quality to the space that helps create a cozy and welcoming home.

Lumion 10 Pro 正版授权_4 - Photo.jpg
03082022_2 - Photo.jpg
03082022_1 - Photo.jpg
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