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Soulful Reverie

Category: Architecture, Interior | Residential, Vacation Home

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Site area: 4000 sqft
Built-Up Area: 5500 

Year of Completion: 

Project Code: LV01

In this captivating interior design project, the seamless fusion of modern classic and rustic folk aesthetics has birthed a space that beautifully encapsulates emotions of joy while offering a profound connection to the earth. The heart of this design narrative lies in its ability to evoke a genuine sense of happiness.


Every element, carefully curated and thoughtfully placed, serves as a conduit for positive emotions. The raw finishes adorning the walls breathe authenticity and depth into the space. The juxtaposition of materials and volume creates a tactile and visually rich experience, allowing inhabitants to feel grounded and connected to the raw essence of the surroundings.

25082023_Photo - 3.jpg
25082023_Photo - 2.jpg
25082023_Photo - 4.jpg
25082023_Photo - 7.jpg
25082023_Photo - 6.jpg
25082023_Photo - 5.jpg
25082023_Photo - 9.jpg
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