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Studio Timescape

-A Perspective Over a Period of Time

Our Services

Architecture Design

Interior Design

Design Consultation


We offer our expertise in Residential, Commercial, Recreational, Hospitality, Industrial, and Religious categories of projects. 

Our Projects



Time’s Eternal Companion

Arching Hues_Console

Arching Hues

Embracing Hues: A Vibrant Makeover of an 3BHK Apartment

The Red Plint_Ext

The Red Plinth

A Tranquil Retreat in the Heart of the Aravalli Range

Light Play_Room

Light Play

A Minimalist Home Design that Prioritizes Comfort and Style


The Grey Box

The Intersection of Space and Comfort

25082023_Photo - 2_edited.jpg

Soulful Reverie

Joy-Infused Modern Classic and Rustic Folk Design

The Grid_ext

The Grid

Escape to the Serenity of Nature in this Vacation Home Design

Tangible Memories_ Drawing Room

Tangible Memories

A 3BHK Residence located in Jaipur

Trial 01_7 - Photo.jpg

Sculpted Harmonies

Boundless Fusion of Emotions, Spaces, and colours

The Court_Dining

Transitional Tranquility

An Interactive Retreat in the Court House located on outskirts of Jaipur

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